Let’s Take A Look Under The Cap


The Taste

Go Water is a first to market revolutionary “energy drink” that tastes like water! Go Water’s greatest feature is that it’s 100% natural spring water infused with caffeine, and electrolytes! We know this is a bit strange, but once you have it your mind will be blown

The Benefits

Go water is your healthy energy drink option, much stronger than your average cup of coffee, great for long days of partying, an excellent recovery workout drink or pre workout amplifier, the best for hot summer runs and hikes, a super way to start your day, a perfect way to kick that 3 o’clock feeling, and rehydrates with electrolytes and pure mountain spring water.

The Water

Zero Sugar, Zero Calories, Preservative Free, 50mg of caffeine, 10mg Potassium, 10mg Magnesium, 10mg Calcium, Gluten Free, Vegan, Mountain Spring Water.  Again, it seems too good to be true, but Go Water is a one of a kind drink!

Who Drinks Go Water



Whether its running the trail, pushing it in spinning class or pumping iron in the pit, GO Water gives you that little bit extra. That little boost you need to get you over the line, to give you that edge. The electrolytes found in GO Water are also just what your body needs to stay hydrated and recover during or after a tough session. Go on, your body deserves it!

Health Sensible

Unlike other “energy” drinks, GO Water has zero sugar, zero calories, is gluten free, vegan, milk free, nut free, shellfish free and free of anything else that might be bad for you! All natural mountain spring water, 50mg of caffeine and an electrolyte premix. That’s it! So, if you want that traditional boost you look for in your daily energy drink, why not give GO Water a try? Did I mention it’s also guilt free!


You know what I’m talking about here. Those long hours sat behind the desk, trying your best to absorb all the knowledge you can while fighting to keep your eyes open! Some studies have shown that drinking water can help you stay awake and alert when you’re feeling drained. Imagine then throwing 50mg of caffeine into the mix! It’s a no-brainer for those thirsty for knowledge!

Party Goers

Whether the night of your life is just starting out or hitting its peak, it’s never a bad idea to rehydrate yourself while out and about. The 50mg of caffeine found in GO Water is also the perfect party aid to keep you dancing all night long! Unlike traditional energy drinks, GO Water is 500ml of Pure Natural Mountain Spring Water infused with an electrolyte premix to keep you hydrated so you can focus on having the night of your life without worrying about that pesky next day hangover.

Outdoor Enthusiasts

Always on the move, off to the beach, hiking, going sailing, walking your dog, farmers markets, playing Frisbee, rock climbing, watching a sunrise, watching a sunset, roller skating, rollerblading, flying a kite, going camping. The list is seriously endless. And do you know what makes every one of these activities better? An ice cold, easy to carry 500ml GO Water to give you that extra boost you need to cram your day full of all the things you love to do!


Boss on your back to submit those TPS reports? End of the month around the corner and you need to put in those few extra shifts? Love what you do so you work sunup to sundown? Don’t love what you do so you need a little bit of help staying in the game? Don’t worry, GO Water is the co-worker we all need. With the extra boost from the 50ml of caffeine coupled with the rehydrating element of the electrolyte premix, we will have you overachieving in no time!